Who We Are

Alexis Rowell started as a BBC journalist in 1989 and had worked there for the next 10 years, before he have switched to business development for technology media. After earning MBA, he started cuttingthecarbon website as a part of campaign for raising the awareness about the climate change. He graduated from the Centre for Journalism Studies in Cardiff and then from Centre de Formation des Journalistes in Paris. Also, he earned MSc in Experimental Psychology from the University of Sussex.

In 2006, he became the councilor of London’s Borough Camden and the chairman of Sustainability Task Force party, before winning the Councilor of Year title at the National Councilor Awards. That inspired him to write a book “Communities, council and carbon – we can do if Governments won’t”.

In 2012, he became the news editor and managing director of Transition Free Press, a newspaper that was made by the transition Movement. He has been running this website since it was launched and has managed to organize many events and charity funds for various projects regarding the nature’s and environment’s preservation.

alexis Rowell