What We Do

The purpose of Pasivhaus

The Passivhaus is the standard that has been available in Europe, mostly in Germany, and it designates the building procedure that involves producing a house that has a high level of energy efficiency, which eliminates the need for air conditioning and central heating. The standard requires 85% of energy efficiency in order to build such a house. The goal is to reach 0% of carbon homes, which will lead to a better and healthier environment.

It is far more than just a simple standard that could save our environment and atmosphere. The Pasivhaus is the concept that architects and developers try to standardize for all future architectural works. They have a goal to make it normal and affordable to anyone, with the ultimate goal of nature’s preservation. The ecological side could not agree more on this, as this is one of the most original ways to raise the awareness about the ecology and our environment. Therefore, we want to host a conference in February 2020 so planners, building experts and others could learn about this standard. Its implementation will definitely make a good to all of us!

Also, our project and the standard could not have been alive if we had not had a help from Camden and Islington Councils. These two bodies have managed to secure a decent amount of fund for the conference we plan to hold in the beginning of the next year. If you like to be a part of this conference, or you have some patents and ideas, feel free to contact us for more information.