10 Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Meat

As we had discussed the importance of reducing the meat presence in our diets earlier, we will use this article to present 10 reasons why you should not eat meat. Of course, this is not an overnight process as it takes time to get used to a diet without meat, but considering all the benefits and problems we solve, it is worth consideration.

Animal cruelty would be eliminated

Not that all farmers are cruel to animals, but there are extreme cases when humans do not act right towards the animals. Some of these are kept in sheds without windows, on the leash and other confinement systems. These animals are just kept for slaughtering so we could eat them.

Pigs at a factory

You could save the environment

More than 40% of green-house emissions come from eating the meat, which is far more than when you combine all trucks and cars on the planet. Another reason to stop eating meat!

Eliminating the bird flu

The bird flu could be caught by eating uncooked chicken flesh or eggs, or if a meat is cut on the same board where the infected chicken was laying.

Longer lives

It is scientifically proven that people who do not eat meat live longer. Also, you greatly reduce the possibility of heart disease, cancer and stroke.


No heart disease

People who eat meat have 50% higher chances of catching a heart disease. That is why vegetarian live longer!

You will not be fat

More than 30% of people who live in urban area are obese and have problems with overweight. Eliminate the meat from your menu and you will be fit!

Global Peace

Once you realize that those who like meat actually provoke the killing of animals, you will understand that no meat should be eaten.

More vegetables mean better health

To replace the meat, you will have to increase your vegetable daily intake dose. All vegetables are great for our health!



For all those who are concerned with money, you will spend less money as you do not eat meat. Cool, isn’t it ?

Processed meat is as toxic as asbestos

Hot dogs, hams, bacon and sausages are equally carcinogenic as asbestos. Think about it next time you want to eat spam!