Climate Change

Eating Less Dairy And Meat Products Will Reduce The Carbon Level

Eating Less Dairy And Meat Products Will Reduce The Carbon Level

The scientists have managed to figure out that the carbon level in our atmosphere could be reduced by eating less dairy and meat products. Although not too many people will believe and like this, it is, in fact, very true.

Eating Less Dairy

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations had estimated that the livestock industry produces 18% of the global carbon concentration in our air. Though do cows burp methane and release it in the atmosphere, it is also a problem of fossil fuels that we use to grow grains for cattle food, transport the products and keep the meat refrigerated.

Cattle as the biggest problem

However, the biggest problem is the meat industry where the cattle is held outdoor instead of indoor. While indoor, the cattle’s methane will not be released into the atmosphere. So the logic conclusion is that we should eat less meat and therefore cut down the production of it, which will result in reduced level of carbon. The problem of cattle industry has a huge impact on our environment and atmosphere, much bigger than we actually thought.


Considering the fact that more than half of the Britain’s children will have the problems with obesity in the next 4 years, it easy to conclude that the diets that contain a lot of these ingredients are not so good, especially if children do not exercise regularly. So, having in mind that dairy and meat diets could lead to obesity, this a red-flag that shows that we should decrease our appetite for meat and dairy products. The solution is simple: less meat and more vegetables.

Red meat and processed meat are the main triggers for cancer

A recent report by the World Cancer Research Fund has showed that eating a lot of red and processed meat leads to a cancer development. Especially when a person does not have regular exercising activities. Also, women are more prone to cancer diseases, especially if they include two glasses of milk in their everyday diets. Instead, the diet should be full of fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains and sees as these contain high levels of vitamins, proteins and other needed nutrients.

Red meat and processed meat

Looking back at the history and human’s diet and food menu, it can be seen that we used to live on these ingredients instead of a red meat that popped on our dining table some 50 years ago. Not to mention that today’s quality of meat is disrupted by various artificial and chemical elements.

Less meat means better quality of meat

The mass production of meat is at the high level, as the demand for meat is high. That leads to opening many shops that sell uncontrolled meat, which can be a huge problem. George Monbiot had said that the hunger was another reason why we should switch to a diet that does not contain a lot of meat.

The price of food has never been so high in our history, which means that the problems for food production are likely. For that reason, many countries reduced the food export, because of the hunger fear. On the other hand, that is a good thing as we will have less meat available but it will be of better quality. This could improve our food diet but also our environment as the level of carbon will be reduced by a smaller number of farms.