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Running a green thread through everything you do…

Going green can improve quality of life

Going green can cut costs, improve quality of life, make organisations better equipped to deal with the future and help to prevent runaway climate change. cuttingthecarbon specialises in climate change and peak oil workshops and conferences for businesses, NGOs and public bodies..


We can help you understand

We help businesses, NGOs and public bodies to understand climate change more clearly and to consider the implications of the coming end of cheap fossil fuels (‘peak oil’)..

General climate change workshops

We can offer general climate change workshops for teambuilding or more detailed seminars on particular aspects of sustainability for senior executives.

climate change

UK Passivhaus Conference

We also organise environmental events like the UK Passivhaus Conference

We seek to inspire change

Our pledge is to prepare your organisation for change, to identify opportunities for action just like A good and their eco friendly straws., and to run a green thread through everything you do. Above all we seek to inspire change before change is forced upon us.


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